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Osteoway Inc. aims to be a world leader in new materials and advance manufacturing technologies. Our business is currently divided into three main areas: biodegradable material for bone plates, 3D printed strain sensors for medical devices, and a new type of carbon fiber for automobiles. All these technologies are being supported by the University of Toronto and its affiliated incubators/accelerators.

Our Projects

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Degradable bio-material project:

Next step in vivo medical device that removes the need for secondary operations

The additive manufacturing Project:

 Next generation additive manufacturing process that can customize the design of the biodegradable bone plates and other medical sensors

Carbon fiber surface energy modification project:

CF process to modify Canadian made carbon fiber for automotive applications

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Our Predicted Contributions

The novel biodegradable bone plates promised to be strong, durable, safe, and biodegradable inside the human body. This will eliminate the need for any secondary surgical operations to remove the bone plates, which will benefit the patients. Furthermore, by utilizing an advanced additive manufacturing process, each bone plate can be customized according to the requirement of each patient.

Additive manufacturing technology is one of the pillars for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. It promises to increase the efficiency and flexibility of manufacturing, while at the same time minimize the cost. Our new metal additive manufacturing technology promises to create more customized electronic sensors for medical, robotic, and other applications, at a lower cost and faster rate.