About us

Osteoway Inc. (2790652 ONTARIO CORP.) was founded in Nov. 2020, by two University of Toronto graduates- Jiaxing Huang and Willis Li.

Jiaxing Huang decided to start a company in 2020 because he was finishing a research project at the time, and felt like that was a great project that may be turned into a business. His idea of 3D printing electronics for biomedical machines and robots had been in research for 15 months, and currently is in small scale testing phase. 

Willis Li joined the company as a co-founder. He was brought on board for his management skills. Before Osteoway, he had already successfully started a company on his own, and had extensive experience in connecting, and communicating with external partners.

The Toronto entrepreneurial community has provided support to Osteoway Inc. The ongoing collaboration partners include the University of Toronto’s Health Innovation Hub and Hatchery LaunchLab. Founding also come from private ventures from China and Singapore.

Partners, Memberships & Associates