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Optimized & Industry-ready Materials

Degradable bio-material project

The main aim of this project is to fabricate effective biodegradable bone plates that can be absorbed by the human body. Bone plate is an implant used to immobilize bone segments. The plate is affixed with screws to properly align the bone and aid in the healing process after bone fractures. Currently, most of the bone plates are made of inert metals such as titanium. Although titanium is strong and durable, it cannot be absorbed by the human body, so it has to be surgically removed after the bone has healed. On the other hand, we are currently researching on a novel protein-based material that promised to be strong, safe, and biodegradable, which means it will be absorbed by the human body after a period of time. This will eliminate the need for second surgery to remove the bone implant.

Optimized & Industry-ready Materials

The additive manufacturing Project

The main aim of this project is to design and 3D print sensors for medical, robotic, and other applications. Currently, most of these devices are being fabricated using traditional method such as hot rolling and laser cutting. Those processes are inflexible and requires a large capital investment and space in order to set up the production line. On the other hand, by utilizing the power of metal 3D printing technologies, each sensor can be customized according to individual requirement, thus making it a more flexible process.

Optimized & Industry-ready Materials

Continuous flow process for acrbonfiber surface energy modifications

Yinan was involved in a part of Dr.Mohini Sain’s Canadian made automotive use carbon fiber project. The project was to find ways to treat carbon fiber made from the oil extracted from the Alberta oil sand. The reaction for the treatment has been completed by Dr. M.Pervaiz from Sain’s lab, and Yinan is responsible for proposing a process flow which can accommodate the chemical process, and the subsequent testing phase of the treated carbon fiber.

The product can be used for engine valve cover, timing chain cover and intake duct, and can see a significant amount of weight and cost reduction in mass production phase.

part of the process, designed and made by Yinan.Liu.
Our Innovations

New Techonology and Products!

Biodegradable Materials

This kind of material is far beyond our imagination. It has a potentially significant marketing value and a wide field of application nowdays. We have seen in many daily medication that the capsules were made by biodegradable materials. 

3D Printing

3D Printing is an intriguing Technology which connects humans’ imaginationg with the physical world. 3D Printing is not only a STEM toy, but also an advanced tool of macro-projects including construction and architecture. 

Medical usage

The biodegradable material is friendly to human body. Sometimes  people’s immune system are over-reacting when some outside materials enter in our body. Thus the biodegradable materials could be used as a one-time safe support to our bones or hearts

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